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Choosing a fun logo for your childcare centre

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If you run a childcare centre is important to have a fun logo that is easy for your parents and kids to identify. Here are some things to consider as you plan your new logo with a company like Cool Cartoons

Bright or primary colours

Children easily identify bright colours, which is why children's toys are bright colours. Having a logo in these colours seems appealing to children and makes it easy for parents to find your business on the street. Bright logos also make it easier for your logo to be seen in crowded locations where they might be getting competing with logos for other local businesses. 

Fun lettering and characters

It's important to make sure that your logo is fun and appealing to children. You can only use specific characters if you have licensing permission from the companies which own the characters and this can be extremely expensive for the most popular characters. Instead it can be a good idea to go to a local graphic designer to get a logo with bubble lettering and attractive cartoon character which looks similar to popular characters without infringing on any copyrights. 

Choosing a distinctive lettering style can also help you have a logo that is effective both on a large scale (for signs) and small logos that also work well on the child care centre forms and logos for uniforms. Be sure to let the design company you are using know how you will be using the logo for maximum impact. 

Community input

Parents and kids often have passionate views on what the logo for their childcare centre should look like. It can be a great idea to get the parents and kids involved with some kind of voting process to choose between some of the potential designs. Not only does this help to invest the community in the new design and help them to get excited about the change, it can also identify any problems with the logo. (Sometimes, but luckily not that often, a logo that looks great can have unexpected interpretations so it can be a good idea to get as many eyes on the logo as possible before your re-brand. 

Having a fun and vibrant logo for your childcare centre is an important part of attracting parent to the centre. To get a great logo you should contact a graphic designer who can make a logo that suits your centre and creates a great first impression.